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“I don’t see the difference, Aaron.”“Your breath smells like shit.” Joy smirked over her shoulder at me.‘What’s going on?’ She asked, looking around.“It wasn’t exactly a rejection.” Tegan shrugged.He’s bursting into laughter.“She is bedridden.” Freydis sighed, “She is becoming feral with Tera’s lust.I pushed him to the bed then sat on his legs and propositioned him, I said ‘Do it with me again dad, if you do, this will all be okay and we don’t have to be scared of each other.”Mom continued her two-fingered torture until Julia’s calls were shrill with desperation, then Mom snaked her tongue out, wrapped it thrice around Julia’s shaft, and took every inch of the divine canine down her throat.“Fuck off Cassie.” Said Emily coldly.As she grabbed my hand and stood up I confided, “I was going to save this for later but since we had a change of plans there is no time like the present to do it now.” I reached in my jacket pocket and took my cel

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